Our prices

  • Full-time Care (min 35h/week): 18$/h
  • Part-time Care (below 35h/week): 19$/h
  • Quickcare (min 3h): 19$/h 
  • Quickcare (2h): 21$/h

Our services


  • We provide companionship to the elderly and handle strictly non-medical services.
  • Companionship, friendship and support (telling stories, talking, playing games, etc.)
  • Go with the client to: buy food at the store, get medications at the pharmacy, medical appointments, nursing homes, senior centers, physical therapy, social events.
  • Plan meals, prepare and serve them according to their dietary and physical needs.
  • Help them walk and exercise.
  • Remind to take medicine.
  • Light cleaning, including: changing linens, washing dishes and clothes, and vacuuming.
  • Organization of client’s closets and rooms.
  • Care for pets and plants.
  • Iron and repair of damaged garments.
  • Celebrate birthdays and remind them about special events.
  • Contact them at sunrise and sunset and take phone messages.
  • Assist with the connection between family members and the client.

Our listing of services is comprehensive though it is by no means conclusive. We are here to listen to you and partake in activities that will enhance the quality of life for you or your loved one.